Brazilian Agribusiness GDP

Cepea calculates the Brazilian Agribusiness GDP with financial support from the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA). 




The agribusiness GDP, including the revenue generated by inputs, primary, industrial and service segments, accounts for one fifth of the Brazilian economy. In 2015, the estimated share of agribusiness in the Brazilian GDP was 21.46%.


Analysis available only in Portuguese. 


BR Agribusiness GDP – from 1995 to 2015 (Monthly Growth Rate, Values of Brazilian Agribusiness GDP, segments, and its share in the Brazilian Total GDP – 1995 to 2015) 


Cepea also calculates the Agribusiness GDP of:

- Minas Gerais and São Paulo States;

- Brazilian supply chains of Cattle, Dairy, Soybean, Cotton and Sugarcane





Geraldo Sant'Ana de Camargo Barros, Ph.D

Full professor of the Department of Economics, Management and Sociology 


Dra. Adriana Ferreira Silva

Dr. Arlei Luiz Fachinello

Ma. Nicole Rennó Castro

Me. Leandro Gilio


Research Assistants

Gustavo Ferrarezi Giachini