20/21 season finishes with export decrease

Cepea, July 16, 2021 – Orange juice (volume equivalent to concentrate juice) exports finished the 2020/21 season downing 7% compared to the previous (2019/20). From July 2020 to June 2021, shipments to all destinations totaled 1.03 million tons, according to Secex. The revenue, in turn, amounted 1.54 billion USD, for a decrease of 15% in relation to the season before.


The low performance is related to the smaller orange supply in the Brazilian citrus belt (São Paulo and Triângulo Mineiro), but players from the industry say that international prices (in USD) were not very high. On the average of the season, prices of the concentrate juice (which accounts for most of the revenue obtained) were 11% lower, according to Secex. On the other hand, NFC (not-from-concentrate) values were 8% higher in the same comparison. It is important to mention that the dollar valuation favored the revenue in Real (BRL).


The decrease was mostly influenced by the European Union, a major purchaser of the Brazilian product: it imported 649.95 thousand tons, 13% down compared to the season before. The revenue was 982.86 million USD, for a decrease of 20% in the same comparison.


Exports to the United States, in turn, increased. In general, besides consecutive reductions in the orange production in Florida (limiting local inventories), the pandemic scenario has favored the demand in some periods, due to the healthy aspect of consuming the product. Shipments totaled 198.34 thousand tons in the 2020/21 season, 13% up compared to the previous. The revenue rose 7%, totaling 297.53 million USD.


As for the 2021/22 season, which starts in July, Brazilian exports may again be limited due to smaller orange production and low pace of consumption. However, the economic recovery is likely to favor sales.





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