Anhydrous also decreases at the end of May

Besides the hydrated ethanol, the anhydrous type also moved down at the end of May. The pressure comes from the higher supply, as the new crop harvest moves on in the Center-Southern region of Brazil. Buyers, in turn, were not willing to trade, betting on new decreases.

From May 26th to 30th, the CEPEA/ESALQ Index (Sao Paulo State) for the anhydrous dropped 2.5 percent in Real in relation to the previous week, averaging 0.8018 real or 0.4860 dollar per liter (excluding taxes). For the hydrated, the decrease was of 3.2 percent in Real, at 0.6392 real or 0.3874 dollar per liter (excluding taxes).

Compared the May average to the April one, however, the Index for the anhydrous increased 4 percent in Real, at 0.8215 real or 0.4946 dollar per liter (excluding taxes). For the hydrated, there was a decrease of 2.6 percent in Real, averaging 0.6971 real or 0.4197 dollar per liter (excluding taxes). (Cepea - Brazil)


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