Collective deal gets more and more far away

Brazilian citrus growers are still waiting for the collective deal. This possibility has been more and more remote.

Cepea registered long-term contracts negotiation between growers and processors only out of the collective deal. Values of these negotiations were around 4.00 and 5.50 dollars per box for this year, oscillating according to growers' profile.

In the spot market (delivered on citrus plant), pera orange reached 14.00 reals or 6.45 dollars per box of 40.8 kilos. In average, prices closed at 6.06 dollars per box on Thursday, Nov 30th, up 6 percent over the previous week. This is the highest level since when Cepea starts research prices received by growers in the spot market, in September of 1994.

Regarding the weather, some growers from the Center-Northern region of Sao Paulo state bet on a lower crop production in the 2007/08 season due to the lack of rain. On the other hand, in the southern area of that state, rainfalls are helping the fruits' development.


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