Crop of ponkan tangerine should be extended in SP this year

Cepea, May 18, 2021 – The harvesting of ponkan tangerine began slower in São Paulo (SP) this year. With late flowering and rainfall below the expected, activities began between late March and early April in many regions. However, in some areas, the drier weather hampered fruits development, and the harvesting should only begin this month. It is worth to highlight that, in previous years, activities began in March and stepped up in April. Agents consulted by Cepea believe that, in 2021, the season of ponkan tangerine should be better distributed and spaced, possibly lasting until September.


Until March, the demand in SP was being met majorly by the fruits from Minas Gerais. However, from April onwards, most purchasers from SP bought ponkan tangerine from their own state, largely from northern and eastern SP, areas that had developed and ripe fruits.


PRICES – Prices for ponkan tangerine were attractive in April, when the monthly average was the second highest for the period, in nominal terms, in the series of Cepea, which began in 1996. Last month, the average price for ponkan tangerine closed at 31.87 BRL per 27-kilo box, on tree, 6.3% up from that in April/20, in nominal terms. Firmer prices in the last years and the lower interest in trading oranges with processors have encouraged citrus farmers in SP to gradually resume investments in groves of ponkan tangerine.


For this season, agents expect the harvest of ponkan to be the same or higher than that last season, due to the higher vegetative vigor of trees after a low crop and no surpluses in 2020. On the other hand, rainfall below the average in SP may constrain the recovery of groves.


ORANGE – Although demand is usually higher at the beginning of every month, due to the payment of workers’ wages, lower temperatures in São Paulo limited the demand for oranges in the first fortnight of May. Besides, the beginning of the harvesting for the first oranges, whose quality is below the ideal for the in natura market, pressed down quotes too.


TAHITI LIME – In the market of tahiti lime, demand continued weak, and prices were at low levels. On the other hand, the Brazilian exports of tahiti lime are increasing. Besides the low price levels in the domestic market, the reopening of local businesses in Europe boosted shipments in April, when the volume exported was the highest of 2021. According to data from Secex (Foreign Trade Secretariat), the Brazilian exports of tahiti lime totaled 14.63 thousand tons in April, and the revenue from these shipments, 11.22 million USD, 21.5% and 15% up from that in the previous month.




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