Crop production should be late and lower in BR

Some Brazilian citrus growers are still harvesting the late fruits from the 2007/08 crop in the Sao Paulo state, different from what happened in same period last year. For pera variety, for instance, the raise was of slight 0.5 percent in Real from February 29th and March 31st, closing at 17.50 reals or 10.00 dollars per bag (on tree) on Monday.

Some growers have already started to harvest early varieties from the 2008/08 crop, however, the supply is still limited. Most part of them should initiate the main harvesting in the second semester - it normally happened in June. The reason for this change was the adverse weather in the second semester of 2007, which have damaged the blooming formation. This situation can also result in lower production, according to agents. (Cepea - Brazil)


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