Decreasing prices, except for pork

After one week boosting, the ESALQ/BM&F Index (Sao Paulo state) for cattle moved down again this Tuesday, December 13th, averaging 25.16 dollars per arroba, decrease 2.15 percent in two days. In the month, the Index accumulated an increase of 3.54 percent.

Due to the recently increases, growers are more willing to trade. In this context, plant entries enlarged from 4 to 7 or 8 days, in average, pressuring values again.

In the wholesale market of Sao Paulo state, prices increased. The steer carcass valuated 7.2 percent in comparison to November 30th, to 1.63 dollar per kilo on December 13th.

In the poultry market, prices decreased at the beginning of December, pressured by the larger supply. Not even both the better demand usual for the beginning of month and the increased exports were enough to support values. The frozen chicken downed 5.1 percent between November 30th and December 13th, averaging 0.93 dollar per kilo (Sao Paulo state).

According to Secex (Foreign Trade Secretariat), Brazilian poultry meat exports reached the best numbers for November. The total exported was of 268.4 thousand tons, volume 10.6 percent superior to that from October and 34 percent higher than that exported in November of 2005. In the accumulated of the year, meat exports totaled 2.36 million tons, volume 6.5 percent inferior to the same period of 2005, but 7.44 percent higher than the same time of 2004.

For pork, the better demand - due to the proximity of end-of-year celebrities and the payment - boosted prices. In Sao Paulo state, values received by farmers for living animal upped 12.64 percent in relation to November 30th, closing at 0.98 dollar per kilo on Dec 13th.


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