Demand and rainfalls support increases in Brazil

In July, Brazilian sugar prices kept firm, due to the little increase in the domestic demand. Moreover, rainfalls that occurred in almost all the Sao Paulo state reduced the production in some mills, supporting the raises. On the other hand, the decrease of international prices limited the valuations in the domestic market. The CEPEA/ESALQ Index (Sao Paulo state) upped 5.09 percent in Real and 7.7 percent in dollar over June 29th, averaging 25.18 reals or 13.38 dollars per bag of 50 kilos on Tuesday, July 31st.

Since the second fortnight of the June, the sugar has been remunerated 7 percent more than the anhydrous ethanol and 14 percent more than the hydrated. Comparing the domestic market to the international one, exports remunerated 5 percent more than the domestic trades during the last week of the month.


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