Demand boosts values at the end of the month

Different from what happened at the beginning of June, Brazilian ethanol prices moved up in the second fortnight of the month, boosted by the firm demand, both in domestic and international markets.

Between June 23rd and 27th, the CEPEA/ESALQ Index for the hydrated (Sao Paulo state) averaged 0.7231 real or 0.4517 dollar per liter (excluding taxes), increasing 6.76 percent in Real over the previous week. For the anhydrous, the raise was of 6.51 percent in Real, at 0.8207 real or 0.5126 dollar per liter (excluding taxes).

The monthly Index for the anhydrous averaged 0.7870 real or 0.4858 dollar per liter (excluding taxes), dropping 4.2 percent in Real in relation to May. The monthly Index for the hydrated decreased 4.56 percent in Real considering the same period, at 0.6653 real or 0.4107 dollar per liter (excluding taxes). (Cepea - Brazil)


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