Harvesting of late oranges begins earlier in SP; supply of tahiti lime may decrease in August

Cepea, August 16, 2021 – The harvesting of late oranges began earlier in São Paulo State (SP). Until the end of the first fortnight of August, high volumes of the variety natal had been harvested, but some batches of valência oranges were available too. The harvesting of late oranges is expected to step up in September.


According to Cepea collaborators, farmers began the harvesting earlier than usual, aiming to meet the shortage of oranges in the in natura market, majorly with higher-quality fruits – it is important to consider that the frosts that hit SP in July reduced even more the already low quality of many oranges. Thus, the volume of late oranges in the in natura market was still low in the first half of the month, mostly of the variety pera rio.


In general, farmers consider the quality of the late oranges good, majorly in irrigated orchards. On the other hand, the trees located in dry areas are feeling the effects of the current drought in Brazil. Still, it is worth to highlight that the quality of the late oranges may increase if it rains enough in the Spring, which would also favor the size of these fruits.


These varieties have not been sent to the industry, due to maturation stage and size out of the ideal. Thus, mostly pear oranges have been processed, but the processing of late oranges is forecast to begin in September.


ORANGE PRICES IN AUGUST – Despite the low demand, orange prices continued at high levels in the in natura market in the first fortnight of August, due to the low supply in SP. It is important to highlight that, this year, prices have been higher than that at the beginning of the harvesting in 2020. Besides the crushing increase, production has been hampered by the weather, which is also influencing the size and appearance of the oranges.


TAHITI LIME – The availability of the tahiti lime produced in São Paulo (SP), which was already low in July, is expected to decrease even more this month. This scenario is linked to the end of the crop, which was delayed this year (due to the hot and dry weather in the first semester), and the negative effects of the frosts from the recent weeks on production.


The steep temperature decrease, which led to frosts in several cities in SP, reduced the quality and hampered the development of tahiti lime. Many trees – which were already debilitated because of the low moisture – lost many fruits and fruitlets. According to agents from the sector, the output is supposed to be low in the second semester, and there may be consequences on the next flowering, due to the lower vegetative vigor of the trees. However, it is worth to highlight that the effects of the recent frosts are still being assessed.


PRICES – In the market of tahiti lime, prices increased in the first week of August, but were not absorbed by consumers. Thus, in the second week of the month, values remained stable, underpinned by the low supply.


EXPORTS – The Brazilian sales of tahiti lime to the international market have been high this year, both in terms of volume and revenue, favored by the higher domestic supply between April and June. From January to July 2021, exports of lemon and lime totaled 93.86 thousand tons, 20% higher than that in the same period of 2020, according to data from Secex (Foreign Trade Secretariat). Revenue totaled 74.17 million USD, 19% higher, in the same comparison.


ORANGE JUICE – The Brazilian exports of Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice (FCOJ) Equivalent seem to be recovering from the decreases last season. In July/21, beginning of the 2021/22 season, Brazil exported 87.5 thousand tons of FCOJ Equivalent, 54% more than that shipped in the same period last year (Secex). Revenue from these shipments increased by 66% in the annual comparison, totaling 133.2 million USD.


Higher ending stocks by the end of the 2020/21 season contributed to increase exports in July/21 compared to that in July/20. However, with limited production in Brazil, shipments are not expected to increase much in the 21/22 season.





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