Higher prices in August

Brazilian cattle prices gained points in August, supported by the limited supply available in the domestic market. The increases were not even higher as buyers keep retreated. The Esalq/BM&F Index (São Paulo state) for steer averaged 56.23 reals or 26.30 dollars per arroba (15 kilos) on August 30, up 3.7 percent in the month. In July, it reached 11.2 percent.

In the domestic poultry market, prices increased in the first weeks of August, but closed the period at lower levels. Brazilian producers are following news about a suspected bird flue focus in US, the major competitor in the international market. Living animal valuated 46 percent in the month (August 1st to 30), to 0.58 dollar per kilo in Campinas (São Paulo state).

The domestic hog prices, as well, inverted the upward trend in the end of the month. Even so, prices increased 20 percent in August, in average of the producing areas researched by Cepea. In Mato Grosso, the valuation reached 60 percent, as Russia reopened its market to the meat produced in that state.

Note: Considered exchange rate: R$ 2.18/US$.



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