Increasing figures, except for pork

Surprising agents, Brazilian cattle and calf markets concluded this first bimester in an upward trend. In the accumulated of the year, both of the ESALQ/BM&F Indexes have already increased 6 percent. The reason is the lower supply.

Last Wednesday, the ESALQ/BM&F Index for calf (Mato Grosso do Sul state) closed at 385.00 reals or 181.52 dollars, up 4.09 percent in Real and 4.24 in dollar during this month. For cattle, the Index (Sao Paulo state) valuated 3.7 percent in Real and 3.8 in dollar in the accumulated of February, averaging 56.03 reals or 26.41 dollars this Wednesday.

In the wholesale market of Sao Paulo city, beef prices are also moving up. The steer carcass upped 4.22 percent in Real during February, averaging 3.45 reals per kilo this Wednesday. In the same period, the hindquarter beef valuated 2.5 percent, the forequarter beef, 5.85 percent and the top of the rib, 10.48 percent.

For poultry, the scenario is also positive. Living animal prices averaged 1.85 reals or 0.87 dollar per kilo in Sao Paulo state this Wednesday, up 31 percent in the accumulated of February. The consecutives living animal raises and the decreasing corn prices have been enlarging growers' purchasing power this year. In the wholesale market of Sao Paulo capital, chilled meat upped 26 percent in Real during February, averaging 2.64 reals or 1.24 dollar per kilo this Wednesday.

Only in the pork market, prices received by farmers for the living animal decreased during February. Besides the lower demand due to the hot weather, the supply also increased from the second fortnight on. In Campinas region (Sao Paulo state), the values averaged 1.91 real or 0.90 dollar this Wednesday, down 8.65 percent in Real in the accumulated of the month.


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