Indexes increase in the end of April

After four weeks moving down, between April 22nd and 25th, Brazilian ethanol prices increased. The CEPEA/ESALQ Index (Sao Paulo state) for the anhydrous averaged 0.7959 real or 0.4783 dollars per liter (excluding taxes), rising 2.98 percent in Real over the previous week. For the hydrated, the average was of 0.7251 real or 0.4358 dollar per liter (excluding taxes), increasing 4 percent in Real in the same period. Besides the lower supply, due to rains that have interrupted the process, the demand has increased.

In April, the Indexes for both types decreased 5 percent in Real compared to March/08, averaging 0.7894 real or 0.4666 dollar per liter (excluding taxes) for anhydrous and 0.7156 real or 0.4230 dollar per liter (excluding taxes). (Cepea - Brazil)


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