Little BR variations in the harvest peak period

After three weeks of small decreases, Brazilian ethanol prices upped a little between August 20 and 24. The CEPEA/ESALQ Index (Sao Paulo state) for the hydrated upped 0.19 percent over the previous week, averaging 0.57793 reals or 0.28885 dollars per liter (excluding taxes). For the anhydrous, the increase was of 0.35 percent, at 0.66522 reals or 0.33248 dollars per liter (excluding taxes). The raises were linked to the lower supply - some mills retreated, unhappy with low prices levels. Distributors traded a higher volume, contributing to support the domestic values.

The North-Northeast 2007/08 crop, started in August, should total from 58.5 to 59 million tons of sugarcane, against a production of 55.3 million tons in the previous season. According to the president of the Sugar and Ethanol Business Union of the State of Pernambuco, (Sindacucar), of the total of 4.4 million tons of sugar produced, 2.8 million tons should be exported. For the ethanol, it should be produced 1.9 billion liters and 500 million liters should be exported.


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