Lower temperatures help pork sector

Brazilian pork prices have been increasing in some regions, supported by lower temperatures, which boosted the consumption. In the wholesale market of Campinas region (Sao Paulo state), the increase was of 1.12 percent between May 2nd and 15th, averaging 1.71 real or 0.8636 dollar per kilo this Wednesday.

For poultry, values are also moving up since the beginning of May. For the living animal, the support comes from the lower supply. During the first fortnight of this month, the living animal valuated 5.5 percent in Sao Paulo state, averaging 1.25 real or 0.63 dollar per kilo this Tuesday. In the wholesale market of Sao Paulo capital, chilled meat upped 5.42 percent, at 2.22 reals or 1.12 dollar per kilo.

In the cattle market, prices keep firm, surprising some agents that bet on higher supply with the proximity of the winter season. The ESALQ/BM&F Index closed at 55.55 reals or 28.03 dollars per arroba this Tuesday, May 15th, up only 0.6 percent in Real from the beginning of May to date. Even with shorter plant entries and with the restrict supply, slaughterhouses are not increasing their purchase prices.



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