More processors start activities for the new crop

Motivated by the higher orange supply, more Brazilian citrus processors started to crush the fruit from the 2008/09 season in the first fortnight of June. In the spot market (delivered at citrus plant), the pera orange averaged 9.50 reals or 5.79 dollars per box of 40.8 kilos on June 13th, increasing almost 11 percent in Real compared to May 30th.

In the fresh fruit market, trades moved at a slow pace, due to the cold weather in Sao Paulo state. Besides that, the quality of the fruit is still low. Between May 30th and Jun 13th, the pera decreased 2 percent in Real, averaging 11.29 reals or 6.88 dollars per box of 40.8 kilos, on tree.

For the tahiti lime, on the other hand, prices remained moving up, supported by the lower supply. In the accumulated of this month (until Jun 13th), the variety increased 25.3 percent in Real, at 6.54 reals or 3.99 dollars per box of 27 kilos (harvested). (Cepea - Brazil)


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