Prices can stop falling earlier this year

The Brazilian ethanol prices keep almost unchanged since May 15th. Market players start to speculate that the values have reached a support level. They suppose that, this year, prices should stop falling in the beginning of June in reason of the increasing demand in Brazil and also in other countries. These fundaments, by the way, have been reflecting on higher future prices levels in Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and in São Paulo Mercantile Exchange (BM&F). In part, those values also move up because of the international petroleum prices.

In May, the Cepea/Esalq Index for the anhydrous ethanol averaged 0.44 dollar per litter (excluding taxes), down 18.5 percent from April (in reais). The hydrated one settled 0.3874 dollar per litter (excluding taxes), down 20.2 percent. A year ago, the Index for the anhydrous was of 0.27 dollar per litter and, for the hydrated, 0.24 dollar per litter.


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