Prices move down again

Cattle, poultry and pork prices moved down again in Brazil.

Regarding cattle prices, the pressure comes from the weak demand. The longer slaughter scales contributed to the slaughterhouses retreat.
On November 1st, the Esalq/BM&F Index (Sao Paulo state) averaged 26.95 dollars per arroba (15 kilos), down almost 1 percent in relation to the last day of October. Last month, prices accumulated a decrease of 4.09 percent.

In the wholesale market of Sao Paulo state, prices also decreased. The steer carcass moved down 7 percent in October.

In the poultry market, prices also decreased, due to the higher production in September, which reflected in the market only in the last week of October.

Brazilian poultry exports totaled 56 thousand tons in October, a volume 18.1 percent superior to that exported in September.

The frozen chicken (wholesale market of Sao Paulo state) downed 1.95 percent between October 27 and November 3. In the accumulated of the month, however, prices increased 11.4 percent.

For the pork market, the downward trend is related to the higher supply and the weak demand by the slaughterhouses. Prices received by farmers of Sao Paulo state for the living animal downed 5.62 percent in the last seven days, but upped 4.7 dollar per kilo in the accumulated of Otober.

Brazilian pork exports totaled 242.7 thousand tons in October, a volume 16.2 percent higher than that exported in September.


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