Prices move up in Brazil

Brazilian livestock market shows a better scenario. Beef, poultry and pork prices moved up in the first weeks of August.

In the cattle market, the lower available supply support prices at higher levels. The ESALQ/BM&F Index for steer (Sao Paulo State) increased 4 percent from August 1st to 11. In July, the increased was around 11 percent.

In the poultry market, the domestic supply remains above expectations, but a better demand was noted last days, helping to support prices. Living animal valuated 36 percent in the month (August 1st to 11), in Campinas (Sao Paulo state).

For pork, slaughterhouses normally increase production from August to October, a period of better exports and time for stocking to the end of the year celebrations. Living hog averaged 0.55 dollar per kilo on August 11, up 29 percent from August 1st.

Note: Considered exchange rate: R$ 2.17/US$.


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