Rain in São Paulo and Florida helps crop conditions

Storms reached citrus crop areas in the first days of September in Florida, the second major global producer, helping to improve crop conditions.

The volume of rain, however, is still lower from the last year. Florida's citrus production starts to be harvested from October on.

In Brazil, the hot weather was concerning citrus growers in the begging of the month, but rains reached crop areas recently.

Farmers are still waiting for readjusting of long term contracts, which should be settled be the end of the month.

In the juice market, players wait for the first official forecast of the new Florida's crop production (2006/07), which should be published by USDA on October 12.

The final projection for 2005/06 crop season was revised to 148 million boxes of 40.8 kilos, inferior to the estimative of July (151 million boxes).



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