Rains help Brazilian orchards

Rainfalls that reached Sao Paulo state's orchards in January have helped the raise of agronomic practices. Most part of growers has already finished the 2007/08 orange crop. Only the valencia and natal varieties kept being traded. The fruit delivered on citrus plant averaged 13.69 reals or 7.78 dollars per box of 40.8 kilos on Jan 31st, increasing 4.5 percent in Real over Dec 28th.

In the fresh fruit market, the valencia averaged 13.20 reals or 7.50 dollars per box and the natal, 13.71 reals or 7.79 dollars per box of 40.8 kilos, (in tree), increasing 4.4 percent and 9.2 percent in Real over Dec 28th.

For the tahiti lime, prices dropped 36.2 percent in Real during January. Even with the decrease, thaiti prices are higher compared to the last year. In the accumulated of January, the fruit averaged 4.74 reals or 2.68 dollars per box of 27 kilos, 62.3 percent superior to that observed in the same period 2007. One of the reasons is that the volume available was even larger in the last year - it is important to remember that in the first semester of the year, the supply is usually high.

Regarding Brazilian orange juice exports, from January to December 2007, the total exported was of 1.391 million tons, almost the same volume of 2006 (1.393 million tons), according to the Secex (Foreign Trade Secretariat). The revenue was a record, of 2.3 billion dollars, increasing 55 percent over the previous year. The United States imported 274.5 thousand tons, volume 45 percent higher over 2006. The increase is linked to the insufficient supply to cover the domestic demand in that country. The European Union, even with the decrease in the second semester, kept being the main Brazilian consumer in 2007, totaling 874.5 million tons.



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