Reduced exports, except for beef

Brazilian pork exports had one of the worst performances in May. Poultry meat shipments neither presented good numbers. The surprise was about the great increase of the beef exports - the product from most part of the producing states are still blocked by several countries, including European Union. Anyway, in Brazil, prices received by farmers are still low for the three sectors. The domestic supply keeps over demand, pressing down values.

In May, cattle farmers from São Paulo State received 22.30 dollar per arroba (15 kilos), almost 10 percent lower from the same period of 2005, in nominal terms (excluding inflation impact). The hog has been traded at 0.66 dollar per kilo in that state, showing a downward trend, as well. The poultry meat was the only one with increasing prices -farmer from São Paulo received around 0.52 dollar per kilo of the living animal.


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