Slow markets at the beginning of the year

Brazilian cattle, poultry and pork markets start the year at a slow pace, without positive fundaments.

Regarding the Brazilian cattle market, plant entries are around six or seven days, however buyers are not willing to enlarge them, due to the weak domestic beef market. The steer carcass kept almost unchanged in the first ten days of January, at 1.58 dollar per kilo in the wholesale market of Sao Paulo city.

At the moment, Brazilian slaughterhouses, even those focused on exports, cite weak domestic trades in January to trade at lower values. The Esalq/BM&F Index (Sao Paulo state) remained stable in these first days of January, closing at 24.85 dollars per arroba this Thursday, Jan 11.

In the pork market, growers' yield is decreasing due to the consecutives increasing inputs prices (corn) and the living animal decreases.

In the first ten days of January, prices received by farmers for the living animal downed 7.3 percent, averaging 0.9137 dollar this Thursday in Campinas region (Sao Paulo state). The corn price, on the other hand, increased 1.46 percent in the same period, at 11.81 dollars per bag of 60 kilos.

For poultry, there is not a defined scenario. Chilled poultry meat prices decreased in the Brazilian wholesale market, while frozen ones upped last days - supported by exports. For the living animal, values recuperated in these first days of the year - in some regions, around 15 percent.


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