Stability marks the sector since June

Since the first week of June, ethanol prices have kept stable in the São Paulo state. Between September 10th and 14th, the CEPEA/ESALQ Index for hydrated downed slightly 0.2 percent in Real over the previous period, averaging 0.58021 real or 0.30267 dollar per liter (excluding taxes). For anhydrous, the Index dropped a little, 0.1 percent in Real, at 0.66035 real or 0.34447 dollar per liter (excluding taxes). All in all, few trades have been settled.

In August, the monthly Index for anhydrous decreased only 0.44 percent in Real over the previous month, averaging 0.66558 real or 0.33889 dollar per liter. For the hydrated, there was a small devaluation of 0.51 percent in Real, at 0.58102 real or 0.2958 dollar per liter.


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