Stable market at this crop beginning

For the second week in a row, Brazilian anhydrous ethanol prices kept stable, with the CEPEA/ESALQ Index averaging 1.07072 real or 0.52766 dollar per liter (excluding taxes) between April 9th and 13th. For the hydrated, there was a devaluation of 2.2 percent, with the Index at 0.94297 real or 0.46470 dollar per liter (excluding taxes) during the last week. This decrease is related to the supply enlargement - some mills are still with the product from the previous crop. For a while, the new season keeps moving at a slow pace.

Price parity calculated by Cepea shows that the anhydrous remunerated 7 percent more than the sugar last week (from April 9th to Apr 13th). Concerning the hydrated, it was indifferent trade this product or the sugar. Comparing the two types of ethanol, the anhydrous remunerated 8 percent more than hydrated in the same period.

For one year ago, the hydrated price was of 1.12158 real per liter and the anhydrous, of 1.20677 real per liter (Sao Paulo state), values 16 and 11.3 percent superiors (in nominal terms) in the same order, to those practiced in the last week.


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