Tahiti rises 176 percent in April

Brazilian tahiti lemon price kept moving up during this first fortnight of May, 10.64 percent in Real from the beginning of the month to date, averaging 15.80 reals or 7.82 dollars per box of 27 kilos this Tuesday (Sao Paulo state). From March to April, the increase was of 176.5 percent in Real, from 3.87 reals or 1.86 dollar per box of 27 kilos in March to 10.70 reals or 5.27 dollars per box in April. In relation to the same period of last year, the valuation is even higher: of 280 percent. The support comes from the lower supply in one atypical period.

The few blooming during the last months of 2006, due to the lack of rain, were responsible for the supply reduction in the first months of this year. Besides the restrict volume of the fruit, processors intensified their activities in March, reducing even more the supply in April. This way, the good tahiti prices, which normally happens in the second semester, was anticipated.

Orange prices, on the other hand, decreased during this first fortnight of May in the Sao Paulo state. Pera closed at 13.55 reals or 6.71 dollars per box this Tuesday, drop 15 percent in Real. Even with fruits of better quality, the lower temperatures reduced trades, pressuring prices down.

Regarding exports, besides the higher frozen concentrate orange juice exports to the United States during the last two years, Brazil have also been exporting not-from-concentrate (NFC) juices for that country, confirming the low fruit supply in Florida. In 2003 - last year before hurricanes damaged the North-American orchards -, Brazilian exports to the United States totaled 17.5 million gallon of NFC. In 2006, the volume boosted for 31.7 million gallon.



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