Weather conditions of August help blooming

The combination of dry weather during August and the good soil moisture (rains of July) helped some blooming in citrus orchards of Sao Paulo state. For next weeks, weather conditions should keep positive (not too much rainfall), according to forecasts.

On August 31st, pera orange averaged 11.14 reals or 5.68 dollars per box of 40.8 kilos, in tree, down 6.64 percent over July 31st. For the fruit delivered on citrus plant (spot market), the decrease was even higher: 26.58 percent in Real, at 11.70 reals or 5.97 dollars per box.

On Aug 20th, the Louis Dreyfus (one of the world´s largest orange juice trade house processors) forecast the 2007/08 Florida orange crop at 180 million boxes, lower than the estimation from Elizabeth Steger (198 million boxes), but still higher than the market had expected (between 160 and 170 million boxes).

It is very difficult to affirm which of the estimations is correct. However, according to North-American players, Steger should be right about the orchards productivity. A better analyze would be possible only after USDA report in September, which will publish the number of new orange trees and also the trees in production.


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