Farm management

Cepea team conduct research on economic and financial data from rural properties based on the structure “typical properties” or through case studies. These methodologies allow estimating production costs, which are later compared to production sales prices.


The results allow monitoring sustainability at specific production units that are similar to the typical properties in each region. They can also be used as guidelines for managing private trades, actions and sectorial policies.


The Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock – CNA –, through the project “Campo Futuro”, is one of Cepea’s partners for research on the performance of farm business. Class entities and state associations are also supporters of these studies on production costs and management of rural properties.


Information from Cepea, along CNA data on beef cattle, soybean, corn and wheat, represents the typical Brazilian production in agribusiness benchmarking.  


Reports available only in Portuguese. 


Grains and fiber:         Soybean              Corn                Cotton                   Wheat
                                            Cattle                Poultry             Swine                     Milk


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