Forest Cepea

The Group of Economy and Forest Management gathers Esalq/USP undergraduate and graduate students, who are coordinated by prodessor Carlos Bacha. Its activities contribute to the transparency of the conditions in the Brazilian forest market. At the same time, the group enables its members to apply the knowledge on economy and management acquired in the classroom.


Monthly, the group collects prices and other information about 56 forest products in Pará and São Paulo states and elaborates the bulletin CEPEA – FOREST SECTOR. 


The team also generates information on prices and conditions of the paper and pulp market. The information is part of the column published by the group coordinator in the magazine O Papel, from the Brazilian Technical Association of Pulp and Paper (ABTCP).


The report Forest - Cepea evaluates the behavior of forest products traded in São Paulo state, as well as international negotiations, the development of forest-based companies and the evolution of the Brazilian forest policy. Cepea researches the following products: pinewood, eucalyptus logs and processed products of pine and eucalyptus. 


In the group of native plants, in São Paulo State, prices of jatobá (Hymenaea courbaril), ipê (Tabebuia / trumpet trees) and peroba (Aspidosperma) woods are collected. In Pará, prices of species like jatobá (Hymenaea courbaril), peroba (Aspidosperma), maçaranduba (Manilkara huberi / bully-tree), angelim pedra (Hymenolobium petraeum), angelim vermelho (Dinizia excelsa) and cumaru (Dipteryx odorata / kumaru) are collected.


Data and reports available here (in Portuguese).






Carlos José Caetano Bacha
Professor titular do Depto de Economia, Administração e Sociologia


Mariza de Almeida
Sávio Mendonça de Sene


Research Assistants

Francisco Napolitano Viotto
Joao Vitor de Souza Raimundo

Mayara Sartori 

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