Methodological note

Agribusiness is defined as an economic sector linked to agriculture and livestock, from the beginning to the end of the chain, involving: inputs production, feedstock production, feedstock processing and distribution and other services up to the end consumer or export. Thus, agribusiness GDP is measured based on the total value added of the sector to the economy, evaluated within market prices, in other words, including indirect taxes without subsidies. The agribusiness GDP is evaluated in four segments: inputs, primary (agriculture and livestock), industrial (agricultural and livestock basis) and services related to the agribusiness. Besides, it is divided into two major productive sectors: agriculture and livestock. In conclusion, the sum of the sectors GDP results in the agribusiness GDP. It is possible to observe the agribusiness structure under two optics.




In the value of each sector (agriculture and livestock) and segment’s GDP, all activities described in the Tables of Resources and Uses of the System of National Accounts from IBGE (the official federal statistics agency) are linked (totally or partially) to agribusiness. However, the evolution of the values depends on price and volumes data of the main products in each segment.


Therefore, in the agricultural field, the GDP is “surveyed” through 17 primary chains, 10 industrial products (agregated), besides the industrial activities of input producing, but all the other activities, even those not surveyed, are considered for the GDP calculation. In the livestock field, the monitoring is done through the performance of five primary activities that provide feedstock for three groups of agroindustrial products, besides the industrial activities of inputs producing for livestock. 





Geraldo Sant'Ana de Camargo Barros, Ph.D

Full professor of the Department of Economics, Management and Sociology 


Dra. Adriana Ferreira Silva

Dr. Arlei Luiz Fachinello

Ma. Nicole Rennó Castro

Me. Leandro Gilio


Research Assistants

Gustavo Ferrarezi Giachini


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