Poultry prices (chilled and frozen meat) are collected with a payment term of 14 to 21 days, including the ICMS tax, delivered in the retail market (CIF), in R$/kg.

The researched areas are: Porto Alegre (RS) / Erechim (RS) / Chapecó (SC) / Francisco Beltrão (PR) / Toledo (PR) / São Paulo (SP) / S.J. Rio Preto (SP) / Descalvado (SP) / Pará de Minas (MG).

For young poultry (age: 1 day), for meat production and for reproduction, traded at the wholesale market of Sao Paulo state - red and white variations -, Cepea collects the prices to be paid in 7 to 25 days, delivered by the farmer, in Reals per head, free of taxes.

Source: Cepea





Geraldo Sant’Ana de Camargo Barros, Ph.D
Full professor of the Department of Economics, Management and Sociology

Chief Researcher

Sergio De Zen, Ph.D
Professor of the Department of Economics, Management and Sociology

Market Analysts

Juliana Ferraz

Maristella de Mello Martins


Research Assistants

Matheus do Valle Liasch

Otávio Biagi Veronez

Karen Bandeira

Luccas Bavaresco Paranhos do Vale