Product specification:  refrigerated raw milk type C, defined in the Normative Instruction No. 51 from September 18, 2002;
Unity of measurement/currency:  liter in dollar - originally calculated in Real; conversion to US dollar by commercial exchange rate, asking price at 4:30 p.m. (Brasilia time);
Delivery Gross prices include freight and taxes. Net price represents the value received by producers (no freight included and 2.3% CERSS – former - Funrural). The collected values refer to the price paid to producers in the current month, referring to the production delivered in the previous month;
Frequency Monthly;
Average prices of mesoregions: within a mesoregion, the average, maximum and minimum prices informed by a dairy company are weighted according to the participation of this company’s volume in the total amount of the sample;
Price averages in the states: 

the state average price is weighted by the milk production registered in each mesoregion, according to the last issue of the Pesquisa Trimestral do Leite (Quarterly Milk Research), of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics. 

Note: Prices of some mesoregions that do not have a reasonable amount of dairies in the sample are not released to the market, although they are accounted into the calculation of the state average;

Brazil average:  The national average is composed by the weighting of average prices in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Goiás and Bahia – most important producers. The weighting is based on the participation of the formal milk production of each state in the total sampled for the month according to the data released in the last 10 years by Pesquisa Trimestral do Leite (Quarterly Milk Research), from IBGE (Brazilian government institute). Thus, a panel of weighting considers the seasonal pattern of production in each state. The same weighting is done for maximum, medium and minimum gross prices as well as average net prices. 
Historic Since March 1994.
Agents consulted for the research:  cooperatives and dairy companies.


Source: Cepea




Geraldo Sant’Ana de Camargo Barros, Ph.D
Full professor of the Department of Economics, Management and Sociology

Chief Researcher
Sergio De Zen, Ph.D
Professor of the Department of Economics, Management and Sociology

Natália Salaro Grigol, M.a


Market Analyst

Juliana Cristina dos Santos

Research Assistants

Munira Nasrrallah

Laura Medeiros

Laiane Aparecida dos Santos