Product specification: Soybean in bulk, export type, with a maximum 14% humidity content; 2% foreign matter and impurities; 30% broken beans; 8% damaged beans (up to 5%); 
Unit of measurement: 60-kilo bag (Real per bag);
Delivery: The Index refers to trades in the wholesale market (between companies); to be collected at the company/selling warehouse;
Reference region: Paraná State, divided into five areas: Paranaguá, Ponta Grossa, northern, western and southwestern Paraná;
Weighting base of regions: The share of each region is determined according to its crushing capacity, following information from Abiove (1997):
Paranaguá port (19.13%)
Ponta Grossa (25.49%)
Northern Paraná (34.72%)
Western Paraná (9.73%)
Southwestern Paraná (10.93%)
If prices of a region cannot be collected, the region will not be considered and its share will be proportionally distributed among the others to calculate the Index;
Discount rate for term prices:  NPR (Rural Promissory Note);
Applied taxes: No ICMS (Services Tax over Merchandise Circulation) included;
Frequency: daily;
Historical data: since August 1997;
Agents consulted for the survey: sellers (cooperatives/companies), purchasers, brokers and traders;
Important: The Index refers to trades in the wholesale market (between companies).


Source: Cepea




Geraldo Sant’ana de Camargo Barros, Ph.D
Full professor of the Department of Economics, Management and Sociology

Chief Researcher
Lucilio Rogerio Aparecido Alves, Dr

Research Assistants

Débora Kelen Pereira da Silva

Raphaela Spolidoro
André Sanches
Carolina Sales
Kaline Lacerda
Liziane Dias

Natália Guimarães Ribeiro