Product specification: weaned calf, male, Nellore, aged between 8 and 12 months; collected values refer to trades closed in the spot market – prices to growers;
Unit of measurement/currency:

live animal; the average is originally calculated in BRL, but is also released in USD, using a simples conversion. Commercial exchange rate is considered, asking prices at 4:30 p.m;

Delivery: to be collected at the farm;
Region of reference: (animal origin) – Mato Grosso do Sul State divided into 5 regions: Três Lagoas, Campo Grande, Dourados, Pantanal and Cassilândia;
Data treatment: 

the daily sample of the state is submitted to two procedures: standard deviation, variation coefficient analysis;

Calculation: arithmetic average of calf prices in major producing regions of Mato Grosso do Sul;
Discount rate: CDI (Interbank Deposit Rate);
Frequency: daily – quoted values, however, remain in the sample for seven days;
Historic:  March 1994;
Agents surveyed by Cepea: Cattle growers, buying and selling offices, stockbrokers and auction agencies.


For further information, check the complete methodology (in Portuguese).

Source: Cepea




Geraldo Sant’Ana de Camargo Barros, Ph.D
Full professor of the Department of Economics, Management and Sociology


Executive manager

Gabriela Garcia Ribeiro, M.a 

Shirley Martins Menezes, M.a
Thiago Bernardino de Carvalho, Dr.

Research Assistants

Cristiane Mariano Spadoto
Marina Martins Rodomille
Isabela Zavatti
Karine Nova Penha
Letícia Bianchi Mantovan
Tayane Gobbi Olivotto