Product specification:

Arabica coffee type 6, with up to 86 defects per 300g sample, hard cup or better, well prepared. Index refers to trades in the Brazilian wholesale market (between companies).

Unit of measurement/currency: 

60-kilo bag. The index is originally calculated in BRL (Real), but it is also released in US dollar. It is a simple conversion of the value in Real to dollars – commercial exchange rate, asking price at 4:30 p.m. (Brasilia time).

Delivery: São Paulo city (freight included).
Reference regions: Cerrado and southern Minas Gerais, Mogiana (São Paulo State), Garça (São Paulo State) and northwestern Paraná, delivered in São Paulo city.
Weighting basis of regions: the importance of each region is determined by the volume produced in each area, according to data from IBGE. The update is on the first workday of a new crop.
Statistical treatment:

The Index is calculated based on the sample data between two standard-deviations up or down compared to the sample average. 

Discount rate for term prices: NPR (Rural Promissory Note) rate.
Taxes:  the Index considers traded values (taxes included).
Frequency:  daily.

since September, 1996.

Agents consulted for the survey: cooperatives, stockbrokers, roasters and exporters.
Other Cepea surveys for the coffee market:

Arabica type 7, rio cup, in the same five regions as type 6 (Index): Cerrado, southern Minas Gerais, Mogiana (São Paulo State), Garça (São Paulo State) and northwestern Paraná. Regarding robusta coffee market: type 6, screen 13 above, and type 7/8, in Espírito Santo State; in Rondônia State, coffee up to 400 defects.


Source: Cepea




Geraldo Sant'Ana de Camargo Barros, PhD.
Professor titular Esalq/USP; coordenador científico do Cepea


Chief Researchers
Margarete Boteon, Dra.


Research Assistants
Fernanda Geraldini Palmieri
Renato Garcia Ribeiro

Laleska Moda